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BOOM! METHOD (Special Offer!)

The Complete Suite Of Our Best Selling Training and Tools! 

What you'll get

Module 1: Three Magic Words (2.5 mins)Three Magic Words to build instant rapport and and trust with anyone.

Module 2: The Secret Selling Ingredient (3 mins)What makes sales people great?

Module 3: The Law of Rapport (2.5 mins) A cool tool to build rapport and connect with more people.

Module 4: Your Silent Sales Weapon (2.5 mins) Learn a soft tool that is hard to master.

Module 5: Are You Interesting? (3 mins) How to stand out in a competitive and crowded market.

Module 6: The Art of Masterful QuestionsTM (2.3 mins)Not for the Average!

Module 7: You've Been Verbalised (3 mins) How to lose less and win more contracts.

Module 8: Ignite a Passion Contagion! (2.4 mins) Unlock more energy, drive and passion in your business.

Module 9: Never Sell a Carrot to a Rabbit (3.5 mins) Be more confident with demanding and intimidating customers.

Module 10: 2 No's to Get a Yes (3 mins) Apply a child like technique for greater persuasion.

Module 11: Kill the Time Wasters! (2.5 mins) Time is Money! Respectfully and effectively eliminate tyre kickers.

Module 12: How to Deliver World Class Service (4.5 mins) Bula Bula! Welcome Home Service

Module 13: Dare to Prepare (13 mins) Learn your Why Frame? Identify exactly who your customers are, what business you are really in and what gives you your competitive edge.

Module 14: Hunt and Herd (12 mins) A tool to help you outsmart and outsell your top 3 competitors.

Module 15: Adaptive Communication (7 mins) A tool to help you 'flex' to be more engaging and more confident with more people.

Module 16: The Red PhoneTM (14.5 mins) Cold calling is dead! But the Red PhoneTM is alive and well.

Module 17: The Arc of Influence (6.5 mins) An advanced time management and stakeholder navigation tool.

Module 18: Layers of Listening (9 mins) Activate your silent sales weapon to connect on a deeper level.

Module 19: Dig for Drivers (4 mins) A tool to help you understand your customers and what's most important to them.

Module 20: Passionate Presentations (8 mins) Release more energy and enthusiasm to engage and influence your audience.

Module 21: Masterful Objection Handling (10.5 mins) A game changing tool to overcome any and all objections.

Module 22: TOM - New Age Closing Strategies (11 mins) Learn the 6 levers to pull to take the customer off the market.

Module 23: RetroService (11mins) How to deliver good old fashion service at next to no cost.

Module 24: Summary & Actions Planning (8 mins)

All Modules contain quizzes and actions!