How To Create A High-Performance Team – Jake Bridges from Leading Teams

We know how important the performance of your team members are to business growth, but how much do you invest into their performance? Jake Bridges is a facilitator at Leading Teams, and explains to Trent Leyshan how to create a business culture with high-performing leaders and teams.

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What Makes A Great Business? – Trent Fraser, CEO Choice Hotels Asia-Pac


Trent Fraser, has spent many years in senior roles at leading international hotel chains. Today Trent is CEO of Choice Hotels Asia Pacific, part of a worldwide chain of more than 7,000 hotels. Trent Fraser talks to host of Not For The Average, Trent Leyshan, about what makes a business great.

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Making your money work for you - Elio D'Amato


If you're looking to start the process of genuine wealth creation and financial freedom, you can't miss this episode with Elio D'Amato, Executive Director of Lincoln Indicators Trent Leyshan digs deep with Elio into investment strategies and overall wealth generation.

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Not For The Average


Coming Soon! New podcast series 

The Not For The Average! Podcast series explores the link between high-performance business growth, sales and wealth creation. Your host Trent Leyshan interviews a Who’s Who of business leaders, entrepreneurs, elite sport and wealth experts, and personalities to help listeners learn and apply the skills, mindset and tools they need to master their professional fields.

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