Two little words that inspire loyalty

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2019

Nearly ten minutes without service, not even a hello! Was I invisible?! Despite attempts to make eye contact and flash my pearly whites, the staff zoomed past, some were even greeting new patrons as they entered the cafe.

I sat in my confined wooden booth festering in frustration as my body demanded my morning fix — caffeine! 

In a huff, I blurted to a staff member within earshot, ‘Some service would be nice.’ He glanced over, nodded and then promptly trotted off.

That’s it! I’m off to another café. As I stood up to leave, a young lady with long dark hair and a few visible tattoos, gently rested her hand on my arm, she sincerely quizzed, ‘Have you not been served yet sir? My responses was short.

The quirky waitress gasped, ‘OMG that’s not good enough, I’m sorry! Are you having coffee or breakfast? She then kneeled down, looked me dead in the eyes and declared, ‘I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting, let me get you sorted straight away, here’s a menu, but first how do you like your coffee?’

My body reacted, instantly feeling a sense of calm and content. The quirky waitress disarmed me by simply using the ‘two little words’ with a genuine and caring tone.

Two words that take courage.

Two words that show you care.

Two words that inspire loyalty.

Two words that say a lot about you.

It’s okay to drop the ball and make mistakes from time to time, but when you do, don’t forget the two little words and augment these with action. No lame excuses — even better when it’s not your responsibility.

Nothing says service like: I’m sorry with genuine care and accountability.

Trent Leyshan is the founder of sales training company BOOM! Sales and author of Outlaw and The Naked Salesman


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