Two little words that inspire loyalty

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2019

Nearly ten minutes without service, not even a hello! Was I invisible?! Despite attempts to make eye contact and flash my pearly whites, the staff zoomed past, some were even greeting new patrons as they entered the cafe.

I sat in my confined wooden booth festering in frustration as my body demanded my morning fix — caffeine! 

In a huff, I blurted to a staff member within earshot, ‘Some service would be nice.’ He glanced over, nodded and then promptly trotted off.

That’s it! I’m off to another café. As I stood up to leave, a young lady with long dark hair and a few visible tattoos, gently rested her hand on my arm, she sincerely quizzed, ‘Have you not been served yet sir? My responses was short.

The quirky waitress gasped, ‘OMG that’s not good enough, I’m sorry! Are you having coffee or breakfast? She then kneeled down, looked me dead in the eyes and declared, ‘I’m so sorry...

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The Value of a Values Driven Culture

culture team values Apr 27, 2019

This week we witnessed one of the more exceptional demonstrations of team values by a sporting team.

“The Samurai Blue let slip a two-goal lead as Belgium scored three second-half goals to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup. It was the third time Japan has failed to make the last eight in the World Cup. The disappointment was obvious, with some of the players falling on their knees in despair after the final whistle, while others were reduced to tears .”

After the team had stayed back to thank their disappointed but loyal fans, the playing group and cohort then cleaned up their locker room and left a ‘Thank you’ note in the rooms scribed in Russian.

View image on Twitter @tancredipalmeri


Cleaning the locker room suggests, even though the team are highly paid professional athletes, irrespective of whether they win, lose or draw, despite the occasion, they are not above doing the small things, rather than leaving the...

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The Three Little Pigs [Sales Process]

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2019

As children we were captivated by the terrifying tale of The Three Little Pigs. So when I say, I encourage you to build your sales process with bricks – you should know what I’m talking about?

The quick win mentality and short term approach to sales is a driving force behind why so many sales teams fail. Low conversion, lack of qualified leads, high staff turnover, (or contrastingly – salespeople overstaying their welcome in a passionless state) are just some of the many symptoms we find in underperforming teams.

In fact, our data tells us that in takes on average 3 years for salespeople who are coal face selling to begin to experience fatigue and burnout, as such their performance subsequently diminishes or they move on. This type of sales process is by design set up, not to scale and in simple terms get easier over time, but conversely to incrementally increase in difficulty in proportion to the time spent in the role. In short, the longer you go – the...

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