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When you join, you will receive the BOOM! Sales ACCELERATOR™ online sales training course. The training program consists of 14 deeper and more advanced sales training modules to help you super-charge your sales, fast track your growth and blow away your competition!  

Learn in your Own Space at your Own Pace, this intermediate level course is purpose built for HUNGRY sales people, sales managers, entrepreneurs and business owners who don't have the time to sit in a class room, instead they want to continually sharpen their sales skills and improve on the move! 

BOOM! Sales ACCELERATE™ is an INSPIRING sales training course that is loaded with PASSION and IMPACTFUL skills and tools you can apply to immediately enhance your sales role and grow your business. 

These punchy and easy to follow strategies have been successfully applied by thousands of sales people worldwide, whether you're new to sales or more experienced and looking for a competitive edge to help you stand out and get ahead of the competition. 

THE WIN: You will get step-by-step tools and techniques, guided by Master Trainer Trent Leyshan. The same strategies that BOOM! Sales graduates, in some of the most dynamic and demanding industries, have used to generate more business and transform customers into raving fans and advocates. 

Before BOOM! Sales, you had to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours listening to experts with mixed messages that may or may not be relevant to you or what you sell.  

You had to listen to a myriad old CD's and Podcasts, or enrol in time consuming workshops and seminars to learn just the basics such as prospecting, funnel questioning,  time management and sleazy closing and old school negotiation skills. 

BOOM! Sales has changed THE GAME. In ten years we became the best practice sales training benchmark for high-performance selling and customer engagement and empowered thousands of sales people to no just sell more but lead more purposeful and fulfilling careers. 

It's your time to LEARN. GROW and BOOM! 



Master Trainer, Trent Leyshan is trusted by some of the world's most successful sales driven organisations and fastest growing small to medium businesses. He delivers YOUR sales training in an engaging, impactful and easily transferable way. 

There's so much content circulating the internet, who can you confidently TRUST and learn from? To succeed, you need to learn and invest more time and energy into what works (today) and apply knowledge, skills and strategies from credible mentors who genuinely care and walk the talk!  

So YOU can look to the sky and FLY! 

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"Trent’s passion and enthusiasm for sales is truly infectious and his strategies around building deeper connections with clients are extremely valuable to our organisation. "

- Trent Fraser
CEO - Choice Hotels Asia PacIfic



How It Works

Accelerate your sales today and start training in your Own Space at your Own Pace. Conveniently connect anywhere and anytime 24X7 to sharpen your sales skills and improve on the move! 

Each sales training module is delivered in an easy-to-follow style that allows you learn inspiring new skills and tools you can apply immediately! Every training module finishes with ACTIONS to ensure the successful embedding of what you LEARN! 

Take Your Place in BOOM! Sales ACCELERATOR™

12 Month Online Access. 
Own Space. Own Pace. 

No more classrooms. No more being herded into a stuffy room and forced to consume content from uninspiring sales trainers. Forget training that goes nowhere! It's time for a new sales training experience with BOOM! Sales Academy! 

We know you're busy and find it challenging to make the time to continually up-skill, so we've make it easy for you. Sales training in your Own Space at your Own Pace 24X7 ⎼ you're in complete control! 



You’ll Be Empowered.

Over a decade of sales training for some of the most successful sales driven companies in the world and fast growing small to medium sized businesses has taught us a few things.
We know that most sales training is a waste of time, simply due to learning retention rates being so low. In fact, under 20% of information is retained on a good day. Which means 80% of what you learn in a face to face sales training environment is forgotten within days! 
Until now!  Train in our own space at your own pace and do it over and over again. Repetition is the mother of skill. Whenever you're connected, we are here 24X7 to empower you with game changing online sales training! 


"If you want passion, expertise and strong business acumen then Trent is your man. Game changing tools and strategies to empower your team and develop their sales and service capability. "

- Gregg Harris
General Manager Retail - National Australia Bank

BOOM! Sales ACCELERATOR™ is Only Available at This Price for a Limited Time.

What BOOM! Sales ACCELERATOR™ Includes:

Module 1: 
Dare to Prepare

Every customer that you meet has these The Magic Words plastered on their forehead! Never forget these words and we guarantee that your customers won't never forget you! 

Module 2: 
Hunt and Herd

What makes a truly world class sales person? In this module Trent shares the secret ingredient and characteristics that are consistent with every sales person in the world that is the #1 sales performer in their company and respective industries. 

Module 3: 
Adaptive Communication

Can you TRUST a person that you don't like? How long does it take to make a first impression and why is this first impression so important? All important questions that have VERY important answers. 

Module 4: 
The Red Phone

Many believe the key to sales success is a sharp tongue and personalty and that extraverts have an advantage when selling? You may be very surprised to learn what powerful skill is not only seldom used but easily misunderstood.  

Module 5: 
The Arc of Influence

It's important to be interesting, right? To stand-out, particularly in a hyper-competitive and crowded market so your customers notice you? In this module, learn the single most potent skill to help you outshine and outsell your competition. 

Module 6: 
Layers of Listening

The best sales people ask the best questions. Want to be the best? This engaging and deeply thought provoking training module will rock your world! Not for the average. 

Module 7: 
Dig for Drivers

How many customers are (close/lost) by sales people not taking the initiative and sealing the deal? This is a critical step in any sales process. In this module, you will learn the key steps no sales person should ever forget. 

Module 8: 
Passionate Presentations

Passion is a life force, its an energy source. Imagine a world without PASSION!?! When you have a genuine passion for what you sell, what you say becomes irrelevant to how you say it. 

Module 9: 
Masterful Objection Handling

Rabbits are scary, educated and intimidating customers that most sales people find challenging to engage and influence. But, when we understand them as Rabbits they become all warm and fuzzy.  

Module 10: 
TOM New Age Closing Strategies

There is proven method for all successful negotiations. What can we learn from a child to help us become a seasoned and unrelenting negotiators who won't take "NO" for an answer? 

Module 11: 

Forget your top three competitors for a moment, they are the least of your concerns when you are wasting your valuable time investing in the wrong types of customer. This training module is brutal! 



You receive Trent Leyshan's first book THE NAKED SALESMAN: How to Walk the Talk and Sell Your Way to Success. 

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100% Money Back Guarantee

With BOOM! Sales ACCELERATOR™ there's no risk.  If you feel that you received no value from the program, just let us know and we will immediately give you a full refund.

My Promise To You

If you’re still not sure about BOOM! Sales AACCELERATOR™, you can invest with confidence. I have your back.

If you register with BOOM! Sales ACCELERATOR™ but don’t feel like you received the value of your investment by the end of Day One, let us know and we’ll refund your money. PLUS you’ll get to keep all the course materials and bonus gifts that you have received up to that point as my “Thank You” for the opportunity.

If you’re not 100% delighted and enthusiastic about the value that you’ll get – and you don’t feel it was worth at least 10 times what you paid in newfound confidence and earning potential – I don’t want to keep your money. Just ask and we’ll give you a friendly refund.


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