Meet Trent Leyshan

Founder of BOOM! Sales, Author and Trainer

Trent Leyshan is the founder of BOOM! Sales and the author of Outlaw: Fight for your customer and sell without fear, and The Naked Salesman: How to walk the talk and sell your way to success.

For over a decade, Trent has served as an inspiring sales performance resource for sales people, business leaders and entrepreneurs, and an advisor to some of world’s most successful organisations. He personally works with hundreds of sales people, in a diverse range of industries every year, and thousands over his career.

Early in his career he worked for and was mentored by Big Kev, Australia’s most flamboyant television salesman, known for building a cleaning products empire and his famous tagline, "I'm excited!" Trent cut his teeth selling and spruiking on a soap box at trade shows and shopping centres all over Australia and then successfully running the national sales team.

Trent has since driven two of his own companies from start-ups into market leaders. Pioneering the search engine and web development space in Australia in 2001 and then creating BOOM! Sales is 2007.

His cutting edge methods, transferable tools and techniques and entertaining presentation style have made him a sought after speaker and sales trainer for top organisations, with clients that include: Qantas, Crown Resorts, National Australia Bank, Energy Australia, Fremantle Dockers FC, Carsales, Downer Group and Lexus, to name a few.

Trent and his team have a passion for empowering people and businesses with game changing sales and customer service training. Not only giving them an edge but transforming them in valuable contributors to their customers, companies and broader communities.

His other passion is of course ⎼ Family. His wife Kellie is the brains behind the business. Their three children, Tristan, Skye and Trinity are his greatest work.


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